Latest Issue of History of Humanities

The Fall 2016 issue of History of Humanities can be found online here. This issue features contributions by  Shamil Jeppie, ‘Timbuktu Scholarship: But What Did They Read?’, Sara Gonzalez, ‘Writing Pre-Hispanic History in Viceregal Peru: The Dynastic Iconography of the Inca Kings’, Michiel Leezenberg, ‘The Vernacular Revolution: Reclaiming Early Modern Grammatical Traditions in the Ottoman Empire’,
Floris Solleveld, ‘How to Make a Revolution: Revolutionary Rhetoric in the European Humanities around 1800’, Boris Gasparov, ‘Between Methodological Strictness and Moral Appeal: Questions of Language and Cultural Theory in Russia’, a Forum section ‘The Scholarly Self’ with 4 contributions and a commentary and a section with book reviews. Enjoy!